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Queen of Cups

A Series of Poems

by Gabriela Gowdie

For the lovers had and the lovers lost...


Queen of Cups is a journey into the heart. In those ever churning waters there is calm, excitement, turbulence, chaos, loss, and surrender. A cycle of storms that arrive as soon as they pass, a cycle that never ends.

This is a collection of memories. An intimate look into the rise and fall of six relationships.


A raw and honest recollection of love and heartache, Queen of Cups is as full of pain as it is triumph. Introspective and personal, this is a journey that explores every emotion along the way.

This is for those of us who have ever wondered in our highest highs and our lowest lows: "Has anyone ever felt this way?"


I have. I do. Let me share with you.

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"Gabby did an awesome job.  It was chaos (on our part  ) but she controlled it perfectly."

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